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Artographix helps you make and save money through the use of graphics and animations.

Welcome to Artographix

Stylised yet realistic images, line drawings or photographic images with fancy lighting, exploded views, instruction graphics and videos: Artographix creates visualizations of your products or product designs without the need for expensive photo sessions or mock-ups.

Product Graphix

From a single product model, Artographix can produce anything from expertly composed and illuminated photo-realistic pictures to stylised images or line drawings without the need for expensive photo sessions or mock-ups.

Different visualisations for different situations: Artopgraphix can create different visualisations from the same source model without having to do any remodelling, saving you money. Artographix developed a sophisticated procedure to render articulated line drawings, using different line weights to express different levels of detail.

Artographix can show your products in a virtual but realistic environment. Your customers will think they already own your products!

3D Graphix

3D models are the basis for creating product visualizations. Artographix can use CAD files such as 3DS, STEP or STL files to model your products with a minimum of effort, saving you money.

Of course, if you need specialised graphics for rapid prototyping or advertising, Artographix has the experience and artistic skills to develop customised 3D models based on just a few product pictures or sketches.

As you improve your products over time, Artographix can update existing models with the updated part information, removing the need to redo time-consuming animations and camera movements, saving you money.

Animated Graphix

Artographix makes 3D graphics come to life, animating your products to create lively visualisations or instructions with little or no text.

Reducing text is important in the light of the EU Machinery Directive, which requires instructions for products in scope of the directive to be translated in over 25 languages. Artographix puts a unique combination of skills at your disposition in the areas of instructional design and graphics, allowing you to replace almost all your instructions with graphics and animations. This results in greatly reduced translation costs, saving you money.

Artographix will help you to avoid embedded text. There are occasional situations, however, where embedded text is mandatory. Artographix developed a procedure to translate embedded text outside the graphics package, and incorporate it in stills and animations without the need for remodelling or redoing animations.

Artographics can deliver short videos in the animated GIFs format, rather than a video format, making the animation much smaller and platform-independent.

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Our mission

At Artographix we are committed to use our expertise in creating`high-quality graphics and designing instruction to consult you, our customer, on how to reduce cost through deploying our competitively priced graphics and animations.

Contact Artographix

To get in touch, just send an email to info@artographix.eu.

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